Writing Prompts


Here are some of the story ideas that I have.

  • Having earthquakes on your small island wasn’t an odd thing, but you woke up to a tremor bigger than you’ve ever experienced- and this is just the start. When you walk outside, buildings are crumbling around you. It looks like Atlantis, the island you have lived on since birth, is beginning to sink. (In case you didn’t pick up on that, the prompt is that you are living in the city of Atlantis and are witnessing the sinking.)
  • Your middle-school math teacher is nothing short of odd. The old woman is never at school earlier or later than she has to be, and has recently been acting suspiciously during class. After school one day, you decide to trail her home. Subtly spying on her going into her house, you see nothing out of the ordinary. A couple apple trees here and there dot the lawn. A weathered concrete path leads from the white gate and picket fence to the front door.  A 1961 red Corvette, still in pristine condition, sits in the driveway. A rusted metal garbage can sits on the front porch by a rocking chair. Seeing no sign of her, you cross into her lawn- and everything changes. The apple trees are thorny, dead tree trunks. The garbage pail is a black cauldron. The Corvette is now a towering, blood red dragon. A witch comes out the front door instead of your math teacher. It is evident that it was only a spell that made the yard seem normal from the outside, and it was obviously cast by your ex-math-teacher. (Write about the following battle and your life afterwards, if you have one.)